Achieving tenant satisfaction comes down to services management providing trouble free systems, occupant comfort and low energy costs. However, through our experiences, we have witnessed developers lacking solid in-house understanding of Building Services, which consists of Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Security, Fire, Hydraulic and ESD.

Imprints specialises in Building Services, with in-depth knowledge and experience in monitoring Builders and their Sub-contractors to overcome services issues and specific client changes. Imprints will also monitor and review against the builder’s design intent to ensure contractual compliance.

Imprints with a primary goal to independently identify building system deficiencies as early in the project as possible and monitor their status until they are corrected upon completion providing the most efficient building systems and monitoring their ongoing performance.

Our Advantages

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Our work principle. expertise and timely services  evokes trust and confidence among our customers. Our people are committed in providing superior project delivery service and obtaining best results for our clients.


The services  provided by us has  value for money by providing expertised consultancey in the field of civil engineering and assisting/guiding  the projects dreamed


So we’re very confident in our building methodologies. We know exactly what quality construction takes, and we’ve had long standing relationships with some of the best clients in the  construction industry.


Whether you are developing a new building or refurbishing an existing one, it is in your best interest to achieve the most energy efficient and sustainable building possible to ensure a positive impact on your new and existing tenants.


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